IDRAK, departmental research journal, HU - Mansehra

شعبہ جاتی تحقیقی مجلہ ادراک

Department of Urdu, Hazara University, Mansehra
ISSN (print): 2412-6144
ISSN (online): 2709-4413

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IDRAK is departmental research journal of department of Urdu Hazara University Mansehra. It is being published bi annually in June and December every year.Its medium is URDU language. Its Advisory Board is consisted upon eminent national and inter national Urdu scholars. It was launched by the department in 2014. All the research article received for IDRAK or peer reviewed and the accepted articles are included in the journal keeping in view all the formalities laid down by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.



IDRAK is a high quality double blind peer reviewed research journal. It is an open access bi-annual journal and published by Department of Urdu,Hazara University Mansehra (Pakistan). Its main aim is to provide a platform for the researchers, academicians, professionals and students to share their knowledge with the others in the form of good quality research papers from all over the world. IDRAK focuses the literary research and modern trends of criticism in the subject of Urdu Language and Literature but regards the classical tradition of Urdu poetry and fiction too. Research papers which address the links between Urdu and other languages and their literature are also considered for publishing in this journal. IDRAK is committed to publish the wide range of new topics of research on single important criterion that is literary and critical excellence.



IDRAK is approved by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan in category "Y".

IDRAK is a bi-annual research journal. Two issues are published every year, one in June and the other in December. So, the papers sent to IDRAK have more prospect of getting published than any other journal which publishes once in a year.

IDRAK is an open access journal. The research papers published in this journal can be read online and downloaded free of cost in PDF format.

IDRAK is registered with The International Centre for the registration of serial publications – CIEPS. Its International Standard Serial Numbers are as given below:

Linked ISSN: 2412-6144#

ISSN: 12412-6144

Renowned literary figures and Researchers of Urdu are on the panel of IDRAK Distinguished professors and scholars from Pakistan, India, Turkey and Egypt are the members of the Editorial Board and Advisory Board. Their Guidelines and scholarly contributions for IDRAK lend a hand in strengthening the overall quality of the journal.

The manuscript of each research paper received to IDRAK passes through the plagiarism test before reviewing. That is why we encourage our contributors to check the Plagiarism through TURNITIN themselves before sending any paper to IDRAK

IDRAK is indexed with the research journal database of Urdu in Pakistan i.e ‘Isharia Jaraid-e-Urdu by International Islamic University Islamabad’ and very soon it will be in listed in other renowned indexing agencies around the world like; Scientific Indexing Service (SIS), Scientific Journal Impact Factor (SJIF), Cite Factor,  Google SEO and RJI Factor etc.

All the research papers received to IDRAK go through a transparent review process. Each paper is sent to two reviews i.e. one national and one international as per the SOPs of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan for its approved journals, after erasing the name of the writers from the paper. Publishing of the paper is subject to the positive reports of both the reviewers.

IDRAK is aware of its responsibility for the betterment environment. So it tries to save paper, ink, energy and other sources which are used in publishing process of IDRAK as much as possible. IDRAK encourages the authors to send their research papers through email. Review process is also carried out through the email to save papers and ink.